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We’re at Pycon!

Vantage is heading to PyCon! This our first time attending, and we’re excited to meet some fellow Pythonistas. What should you expect from this amazing conference of awesomeness?

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5 Design on Demand Resources For Your Business

The design, look and feel of a product is a major determining factor in the way people purchase. Apple is the best example of design and marketing over technological innovation. Recently they have taken up arms on all fronts with technological strides but around the time of the iPod it was marketing and design that won out over more technologically advanced competitors.

Businesses of all sizes have a continuous need for resources when they don’t have the budget for it. Design is one of the areas that often gets left on the back burner to focus on other pieces. The design of a product image or a website in general can have a heavy effect on the initial reaction of a visitor and that effect will continue throughout the customer funnel you’ve created.

Hiring a full time designer is a costly endeavour that few businesses can afford, to subside the need for high quality design at reasonable pricing, we’ve rounded up a handful of design on demand services. Some of these services are even automated based on information you give them about your business!

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9 Factors That Impact Ecommerce Sales

When running an ecommerce store you have to worry about the user experience above all else. The user experience of an ecommerce store encompasses many things that range from your return policy to your level of customer service. Even your social media reputation can affect your sales, repeat purchases and more!

Given the analytics component of our platform, we have access to a large library of data from ecommerce sites around the world. Using that data we decided to dig into our database to see what makes customers tick. By that, we mean what can turn them away from making a purchase and what factors affect the final purchase decision.

Let’s take a look at 9 factors that can impact your ecommerce store sales!

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12 Ways To Build An Email List That Increases Revenue

With platforms like Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce, it’s become easy to setup an online store to advertise and sell your products. A lot of the advertising is now done through Facebook or Google, but how to do you gain the most value from those high cost clicks?

Increasing your conversion rates can only go so far to getting the best ROI (return on investment) and the ability to capitalize on even a part of the traffic that doesn’t convert can make a big difference in the long run.

Store owners are consistently focused on driving new customers to their store when they could be spending their efforts on their existing customers, the ones who have already purchased and don’t need a lot of convincing to move from finding something they like into purchasing.

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