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AI Driven Ecommerce Solutions for Enterprise Retail and CPG Marketing
Deliver ecommerce sales and insights with clear ROI
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Artificial Intelligence Ecommerce Marketing

Vantage has a compelling suite of products and services to help enterprise retailers and CPGs apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the four Ps of marketing:


Co-op Advertising

Vantage is innovating with CPG brands and retailers through new digital co-op advertising that delivers more collaboration. Vantage acts as a trusted intermediary and connects real retailer and shopper intent data to create a holistic view of the shopper at scale. This insight helps both brands and retailers reach consumers all along their purchase journey.

Data-driven online advertising campaigns from Vantage provide brands with more insight into what they can do to support ecommerce operations and dramatically increase sales on your retail partners’ sites.

Vantage Enterprise Advertising

How It Works

Vantage Enterprise How It Works 1
Customers abandon products or carts on retailer’s ecommerce store
Vantage Enterprise How It Works 2
Vantage leverages retailer and CPG brand data to prioritize opportunities
Vantage Enterprise How It Works 3
Test multiple versions of ads, optimize to maximize Return on Ad Spend
Vantage Enterprise How It Works 4
Capture carts, drive immediate CPG brand and retailer category growth
Vantage Enterprise How It Works 5
Vantage reports increase speed and quality of decision making

Success Story | Kimberly-Clark Innovates with Co-op Advertising

Find out how Kimberly-Clark is working with Vantage to innovate and disrupt the retail industry with co-op advertising. Watch this video to hear Tony Long, Global Ecommerce Capability Lead for Kimberly-Clark discuss the brand new collaboration between CPG brands and retailers that's driving profitable, performance ecommerce.

Brand Advertising

Vantage makes it easy for CPGs to own the customer experience and grow online stores using AI, advanced analytics, and programmatic advertising solutions. We help brands focus on why your customers are there, what’s driven them to be interested in your brand, and when they have the highest probability of buying your product.

With this data and insight, Vantage builds a direct-to-consumer journey that gives CPGs the power to understand shopping behavior, multi-variate test, and personalize content through highly targeted and automated online marketing that keeps customers coming back time after time.

Vantage Enterprise Multivariate Testing

INSPIRED D2C: The CPG D2C Ecommerce Accelerator

If you are one of the increasing number of enterprise CPG brands that have launched or are looking to launch their own D2C ecommerce store, the CPG D2C Ecommerce Accelerator gives you exclusive access to expert resources and advanced technologies from three of the most experienced ecommerce leaders in the industry.

Through a strategic partnership, Facebook, Shopify Plus, and Vantage have created the CPG D2C Ecommerce Accelerator to Inspire, Guide, and Support you as you launch, market, and grow D2C stores.

If you’re ready or are evaluating launching your own D2C ecommerce store, apply now to be considered for our CPG D2C Ecommerce Accelerator.

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Dynamic Discounting

Vantage delivers CPGs the ability to dynamically test and optimize their online shopper marketing efforts with our state-of-the-art dynamic discounting engine. Personalized promotion targeting helps CPGs focus on volume, revenue and profit without wasting money on a one-size-fits-all promotion.

Using real-time shopper intent behavior and artificial intelligence, the discounting engine can recommend appropriate discounts and promotional offers to the right customers at the right time to close the sale.

Generate New Insights and a 10X Return

Vantage significantly outperforms the industry with an average 10X return on ad spend, while also:

  • Attracting new profitable online customers
  • Capturing abandoned carts
  • Retaining best customers, and increasing lifetime value
  • Testing multiple versions of ads, and optimization in real-time, driving increased sales

Data-Driven Decision Making


Some of the key insights you will be delivered include:
Abandoned Cart Rate
Abandon Cart Rate
Average Cart Size
Average cart size
Conversion Rate
conversion rate
Repeat Customer Rate
repeat customer rate
Cost Per Acquisition
cost per acquisition
Best Ads Worst Ads
best/worst copy and images
Engagement Rate
most engaged content
More Metrics
and more!
Partner with Vantage to align your shopper marketing, brand marketing, and trade promotion activities, and capture greater returns today!
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