Why Online Ads Are Essential for Ecommerce

For ecommerce, it’s a no-brainer that the best way to reach customers and attract new ones is online ads. You want to reach potential customers in the places they spend most of their time and showcase items that are tailored to their interests. Don’t believe us? Let’s review the facts!

Drive Sales and ROI

Online ads have revolutionized the advertising industry for ecommerce businesses. They most definitely help drive up the metric that matters most to your business – revenue. With targeting getting more sophisticated by the day, ads are becoming more personalized and relevant to shoppers online. Over the past year, Vantage has seen an average 10X return on ad spend across our customers running online ads. That’s ten dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising. Not bad, eh?


Almost, Lauren Conrad, almost.

Targeting and Reach

By advertising online you can overcome barriers of time and distance. You’re able to sell goods in any part of the world without having to reach out to a local or international agency or other cumbersome (and expensive) avenues. That’s right, you’re no longer constricted by traditional means of advertising – the whole web is your playground. With today’s ad technology, there’s no reason that your cat costume store in Australia can’t connect with cat lovers from Norway or even Japan! Then again if you only want to attract cat lovers in a certain city, state/province or country, targeting and geo-fencing allow you to do so! Targeting and reach go well beyond simply location, though. You can target anybody who’s visited your store regardless of where they bounced, customers who abandoned carts, customers likely to make a purchase, or even audiences similar to your best customers! By employing these savvy tactics you can that drive growth, capture market share, and improve profitability.  


Growing Influence

It’s predicted that spend for online ads and specifically social ads will drastically increase in the coming years. Consider this statistic: social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide over the past 2 years—going from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. As for 2017, analysts have predicted a 26.3% global increase on spend for online ads. Advertising your ecommerce business online is truly becoming the norm and there’s no time like the present to get in the game. Just like Gretchen Wieners can’t help that she’s popular, you can’t help if your stores revenue skyrockets on account of your awesome online ads.


The Power of Facebook

Facebook joined the advertising game well after display and search ads had established themselves. Despite that, their desktop ads have 8.1x higher click-through rates and mobile ads have 9.1x higher click-through rates than normal web ads! The best part? Facebook ads are oftentimes much cheaper than other online ad alternatives. They’re incredibly user-friendly and make it simple to target you ideal customers based on interests, age, location and more. You done good, Mark Zuckerberg.


The Growing* Power of Instagram

Many ecommerce business owners haven’t yet considered Instagram as a viable advertising option. This is because the platform only introduced advertising in October 2015 ,so it’s a relatively new platform for advertisers to take advantage of. As a mobile-first social network, Instagram is in the perfect place to capitalize on the influx in mobile growth. As mentioned Instagram ads are still a rather new advertising tool, but keep in mind that the platform has over 500 million active monthly users. What’s more is that ad recall from Sponsored Posts on Instagram is 2.9x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. Just like Facebook their campaigns are user-friendly and offer a bevy of targeting options. Get in on a good thing and become an early adopter of Instagram advertising!


Even JLo knows the power of Instagram advertising.

Budget Friendly

We’ve saved the best for last, which is that online ads in general, are much more cost-efficient than traditional mass marketing and media. Online ads can be viewed by millions of people and are displayed 24hrs a day. The added bonus is that according to online advertisers, Facebook and Instagram ads in particular tend to be cheaper than other online ads. No need to fret though – just because you’re paying less doesn’t mean you’re getting less. Many have stated that they found Facebook and Instagram offered longer placement for text which can help significantly in introducing your business to your potential consumers. Plus, think about how many times you check your social media a day. Each time your preferred audience checks their feed you’re getting repeated exposure to your ads. More bang for your buck!



On top of everything mentioned, one great thing ads can provide is insight. You may be surprised at what you find out about your customer base and who is engaging with your ads and content. Through data and insight, you can refine your approach to how and when you execute your marketing strategy. Data-driven marketing gives marketers all the more confidence in their approach. AdWeek notes that 77% of marketers are confident in their approach, and 74% intend to increase their data marketing budgets this year. Consumers are now more digitally engaged than ever and there’s a greater need to carefully consider your approach in order to reacher your desired customer base with effective and personal messaging.

insight online ads


So what are you waiting for! Start driving revenue for your ecommerce store by launching online ads today.

If you have any questions or need assistance, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about online advertising.

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Holiday Shopping Behavior All Ecommerce Owners Should Know

Gone are the days of holiday shoppers patiently waiting for the stroke of midnight on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to begin scouring for holiday deals. Retailers, specifically ecommerce, have undoubtedly caught on to the record spending levels of the holiday season and have turned two days into an entire weekend of sales to capitalize on the busiest time of the year. Let’s break down the data!

ecommerce stores

 About the Ecommerce Data

  • 731 stores in US and Canada, 418 Non-US/CA
  • All small-medium ecommerce businesses that have at least 3 years of historical data for comparison
  • Averaging ~30 orders/day on a normal day
  • Average store had approximately $1m revenue in 2016


Hourly Order Volume – Non-US/Canada

As you can see, right before Black Friday officially hits there’s a considerable dip in order volume. As per usual, order volume spikes right as the clock strikes midnight and then drops significantly. The order volume ramps up again around lunch time and then drops off in the evening where it remains for the rest of the weekend and even Cyber Monday. It appears that outside of the US and Canada Cyber Monday hasn’t become the phenomenon we experience.

In comparison to years past, you can see the overall hourly order volume has drastically increased since 2014. Additionally, it appears that people are pre-planning what they want to purchase or where from. There are spikes right as Black Friday hits, again at lunch time and then finally in the evening before tapering off and ultimately completely dropping off just before midnight.

black friday ecommerce hourly order volume

What You’re Looking at:
The graph pictured shows the hourly number of orders for all stores
418 stores based outside of the US/CA that have data for the past 3 years
Bands are Black Friday/Cyber Monday in GMT

Hourly Order Volume – US and Canada

This graph in comparison to non-US and Canadian countries showcases how different our shopping patterns truly are. Though we initially see a spike right at midnight on Black Friday as per usual, there’s an even more significant jump around lunch time that continues right up until midnight. People aren’t waiting with bated breath for the clock to strike midnight anymore, they’re taking their time.

Unlike countries outside the US and Canada, order volume remains high throughout Saturday and Sunday, substantially more than 2015 and especially 2014. Perhaps the most interesting point is the incredible swell in orders on Cyber Monday, most notably right before midnight. As you can see, the highest point in order volume on Cyber Monday well surpasses the peak on Black Friday. The key takeaway here is that people are taking their time, they’re not rushing to stores to be trampled and prodded. They’re taking their time from the comfort of their home or desk chair and pre-planning what they’re going to purchase before they pull the trigger.

black friday ecommerce hourly order volume canada us

What You’re Looking at:
Graph shows hourly # of orders for all stores
731 stores based in US/CA that have data for all 3 years
Bands are Black Friday/Cyber Monday in EST

Black Friday + Cyber Monday Increase in Order Volume 

  • 2016: 5.4 times baseline (baseline up 70% YoY, Black Friday/Cyber Monday up 80% YoY)
  • 2015: 5.1 times baseline (baseline up 44% YoY, Black Friday/Cyber Monday up 69% YoY)
  • 2014: 4.3 times baseline

Daily Order Volume

While we see a steady increase from 2014 to 2015 there’s a giant increase from 2015 to 2016 regarding daily order volume. 2015 peaked at around 70,000, whereas we can see that 2016 peaked at a whopping 150,000!

black friday ecommerce daily order volume

What You’re Looking at:
Same 731 stores except now we’re looking at daily orders

Daily Discount Percentage

It’s clear that from 2014-2016 the discounts offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are continually increasing. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the data is noting that retailers appear to have started offering bigger discounts earlier this year – as much as 15%! In previous years during this time period, we saw discounts sticking in the range of 5-7% discounted. 2016 also saw a new peak in daily discount percentage settling at an astounding 20%.

black friday ecommerce daily discount percentage

Key Takeaways –

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Important for your Ecommerce Business?

When asked initially about your impression of Black Friday and cyber Monday, you might be inclined to suggest shoppers are just looking for deals, only interested in making small purchases, and won’t make good long-term customers. On the contrary, Black Friday is a fantastic time to attract valuable, new customers. 2016 had one of the biggest holiday shopping seasons ever online. Though a surge in spending was seen across Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the spending definitely didn’t stop there. The data suggests that Black Friday is no longer a single day, but rather a multi-day event that seems to have swept both Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday deals up under its name. It might surprise you to know that spending increased on Thanksgiving Day and continued until 11:59 pm Cyber Monday.

Everything about 2016’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales were bigger and more aggressive than 2015. Previous years saw a clear lift in spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but now there has been a clear shift from a day of deals to a weekend long event. That means shoppers are no longer feeling the same sense of urgency to stay up late to score the sales.

Another key trend to note is the massive increase in discounts being offered by retailers. In 2015 discounts were only seen on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with an average discount of 14%. But in 2016, discounts were deeper, earlier, and spanned over a longer period, staying over 18% for a total of 5 days in a row from Thursday through Monday. While it’s clear that both retailers and shoppers have bought into the Black Friday experience, the days outside of Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday remain unchanged even though there were many Pre-Black Friday sales this year. Retailers have been trying to get shoppers to start earlier with zero results for their efforts except for lost margins.  We saw this again this year, with very little Pre-Black Friday shopping.  This is important for retailers to keep in mind rolling into next year; maintaining a sense of urgency with a start and end date will help you more than harm you.

vantage cto black friday What’s Changed in 2016

  • The discounts were bigger
  • The discounts started earlier
  • An increase in people and order sizes on Saturday and Sunday
  • Significant shrinkage in the gap between Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • People started shopping earlier

What Didn’t Change in 2016

  • Hourly patterns of how people shop from Black Friday to Cyber Monday
  • Average order size
  • International stores still not seeing a big lift

Predictions for 2017

  • Start sales ahead of Black Friday (if you have the volume to justify it)
  • Keep selling and offering expedited shipping as close to Christmas as you can
  • Start telling people early about your sales, get your campaigns scheduled early


vantage ecommerce analytics and advertising

*** Data used in this analysis comes from looking at over 1,000 stores that use Vantage.  Data used for growth year-over-year order growth for US-based stores selling in USD that were in operation before 1 Oct 2015 and are still in operation today.

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Great Business Tools for SaaS Startups

The expansion of the Internet in the 90s saw the emergence of a new class of centralized low-cost computing called ASPs (Application Service Providers). ASPs could be less expensive because they offered highly specialized business applications (e.g., hosting) and spread the cost of their services across a broad number of clients that required said service.

Software as a Service is an extension of the ASP model, generally focused on delivering a specific piece of software (the service) and employing a partitioned multi-tenant architecture and distributed by the web.

From the moment of its inception, Vantage was always going to be a SaaS solution. It never existed as a client-server model nor could it have been managed by a 3rd party. We didn’t need to “Move To SaaS” as many companies are currently struggling to do.

As we built out our initial models for development and growth, however, we did turn to one specialist in the area of modelling SaaS growth. The folks behind Lean-Case thinking were instrumental in helping Vantage to understand growth models and how we could scale. As Lean-Case has developed, it has become a true world-class methodology, second to none in planning SaaS companies.

Now MoveToSaaS picks up where Lean-Case left off. Harnessing the business modelling and simulation, factoring in the financial planning and benchmarking, MoveToSaas even helps SaaS companies and startups to manage their Board-level communication. Standardization is key to scaling, but the team behind MoveToSaaS is helping companies of larger sizes with customized solutions as needed in a consultative process.

We have been extremely fortunate to have the support of the team behind Lean-Case and now MoveToSaaS.  I highly recommend that others try their tools as well.

What about you? I’d like to hear from you about your secret tools for success.

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Vantage Delivers Growth

Announcing Lookalike Audiences by Vantage.


Lookalike Audiences by Vantage are great to help you grow your existing store. If you already have some visitors and customers and you are generating revenue, Vantage can help you find more visitors and potential customers just like your current ones. Who wouldn’t want more visitors, customers, and sales?

There are many companies out there that promise to help you grow your store, but Vantage delivers. At scale.

We have held back.

We didn’t want to offer Lookalike campaigns until we were confident that we would be offering the best in the industry. After all, who wants to be #2?

You may be wondering why Vantage seems to be focusing its energy on growth and helping brands and retailers to increase their exposure and revenues. The answer is simple:

  • We could have remained simply the best analytics platform for ecommerce.
  • We could have increased our reporting capabilities and helped a subset of our clients to create more and more reports.

But we didn’t want to satisfy the needs of the subset, the few people that had the time and energy and the inclination to really dive into more reports. We wanted to be able to enable more and more brands and retailers to succeed. It turns out that data and insight is only powerful if you can get away from reports and get into driving action and success.

Vantage delivers growth.

From the early days of our work advantage, it was very clear that above everything else that our customers wanted, the one thing that they crave the most was growth. We want every minute, every dollar that you invest in Vantage to be the best investment you make each day. Vantage delivers growth.

We’re ready to get you started today!


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Vantage Video Ads Outperform

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. If a one-minute video ad contains 1,800 pictures, then using video ads to showcase your store and products can say a lot to prospective and past customers.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Vantage Video Ads. You can use videos from your Facebook page, to include them in your ads.




Video ads outperform. Several independent statistics companies have recently published some hard evidence of this. According to one such company, your customers are nearly twice as likely to purchase products after seeing videos. This is especially true of Millennials, who have grown up with high-content media, and consider it a baseline for advertising.

At Vantage, we’ve personally seen the success of our customers’ video ads. Stores with high quality videos are creating new interest and growing their sales. If you have video content, we highly recommend that you A/B test its effectiveness in ads using Vantage.

Why not run some ads with still images and compare against the ads that you run with video content? We’re happy to help you get started. Get started today!



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The days of slot machines are over

A good friend, someone that really knows the online ad industry, called me the other day to tell me that he had an epiphany:

“For most people, advertising online is like playing the slots. Something magical could happen, but it’s really unlikely. They throw dollar after dollar into a machine and occasionally get “rewarded” with a couple of shiny quarters… and emotionally that feels good, but it’s not any kind of a meaningful reward.”

He told me “Some folks can afford to not get a return, because they’re getting the chance to pretend that they’re in the game. But they’re not in the game. They’re being gamed.”

That’s a lot to digest, but he’s not wholly wrong. Time and time again when I meet with new customers and ask what the current Return On Ad Spend is, I’m met with blank stares. Embarrassed blank stares, because they know they should know the answer. But I’ve read case studies by major players that don’t calculate ROAS properly. Seriously.

Here’s what’s different about Vantage:

We’re not one of the established major players with our whole company invested in maintaining the status quo. We’re here to have an honest-to-goodness dialogue about topics like transparency, metrics, and return. We are taking a logical, data-driven approach to helping our clients grow.

“The Vantage Stack”
is a new growth structure of marketing campaigns built for our growth-oriented clients.

It’s a self-reinforcing bundle of 5 campaigns bringing in new customers and logically and methodically driving them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers. The structure of the campaigns in The Stack means that our clients don’t waste money on bad ads, they don’t waste money on bad audiences and we drive a higher ROI while we still keep growing the store’s customer base. It’s important to do all of that at the same time.

Most importantly: The Vantage Stack works.

It’s working very well. As far as we know, it’s driving the best ROI of any standardized campaigns in ecommerce. The structure of the system means that you don’t waste money and each factor is managed to get you the highest return on ad spend within each ad set, each campaign, and across each channel (Facebook and Instagram).

We are currently seeing average 12x return on ad spend for The Vantage Stack.

Vantage will take a minimum budget and allocate it into these campaigns to significantly increase the size of your visitor audience and your revenues. You can help manage things or we can build and optimize the budget and spend for you automatically for pennies.

If you are serious about growing your customer base and driving revenue growth, this is the approach for you.
Let’s stop playing the slot machines, and get started with a solid growth plan.
Click here to book a 15 minute strategy session today.
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Hold On – I Gotta Get This Up On The Gram!

Instagram is now drawing 300 million daily users and 500 million monthly users. The vast majority of its 200,000 advertisers are small-to-medium-sized businesses and many of them are selling online.

More importantly, Instagram ads work! 60% of Instagram users confirm that they discover new products and services on the platform, while 75% say they take action after being inspired.

We’re thrilled to unveil the complete package today:
Vantage Smart Campaigns for Instagram!

Great Vantage customers like Ellen Degeneres, Your Tea, Foo Fighters, Slick Case, REM, and the NBA all use Vantage to better understand their online businesses and run auto-optimized Instagram and Facebook campaigns that drive huge traffic, increase engagement, and deliver revenue.

It stands to reason that our clients really wanted to see Instagram as an option for driving action right from the award-winning Vantage dashboard.

Over the past month we’ve been quietly testing Instagram ads to understand what makes a great ad campaign on Instagram and to decide how we will help drive our clients’ success online.

As with our Smart Campaigns for Facebook, Vantage’s Smart Campaigns for Instagram will leverage our powerful predictive analytics and machine learning core to automatically optimize your ads for you.

Vantage significantly out-performs the industry
with an average 10x return on ad spend.


I spoke with Sara Radginski, owner of the online store DropsOfJoyJewelry.com about her ad campaigns and how Instagram could be part of them. She is already running very successful Facebook ad campaigns for her cool diffuser jewelry that offers stylish use of essential oils. She wanted to know more about Instagram ads.

Sara: What does an Instagram ad look like?

drops 5

Vantage: Instagram ads look pretty much exactly like an Instagram post except that there is a small “sponsored” word at the top right.

Sara: How do Instagram ads work? Is it just more for visibility or can people click on an Instagram ad?

Vantage:  Instagram ads do increase your visibility but they also convert. People click on Instagram ads and go right to your store and purchase!

Sara: How does targeting work? Do you use certain tags, etc.? How do you decide who to show my ad to?

Vantage:  The Vantage Smart Campaign targeting works the exact same for Instagram as it does for our highly successful Facebook ads. We use your website traffic, shopping behavior, and purchase data to build target audiences.  These audiences may be based on whether you’re looking for new customers or to retain past visitors or customers.

Sara: Have people been finding them as effective as Facebook ads? Is it worthwhile to spend money in both places?

Vantage:  Yes. In fact, dollar for dollar, some brands and retailers find that Instagram ads actually tend to do even better than Facebook ads. This might be a short-term situation due to the fact that there aren’t as many advertisers on Instagram yet. The costs are likely a bit lower than they’ll be long-term. We highly suggest that you try ads if you see any traffic coming from Instagram already.

Sara: Is this something you can add for me?

Vantage:  Yes and no. We can automate the building of your Instagram ads based on default cop. However, it’s much better if you can write some brand-specific copy that will really resonate with your audience.

Also Instagram ads/posts require square-shaped images unlike Facebook’s rectangular images. Instagram recommended size is 1080px by 1080px.

Sara: Can I send you a couple of different images to see which does better?

Vantage:  Absolutely, and it doesn’t affect the cost/price at all. The Vantage platform will keep an eye on which one works best and may ultimately cull the lesser performing one. Most of our clients run multiple versions of the ads together to test which will work best. You can track the progress in the Campaign Stats page and learn what works best for future reference. One client kicked off a campaign today with 50 different ads! That might be a bit too many but if there’s enough traffic / click data to give them some insight, why not?

The key is to try out different copy and/or different text, and see what works better to help you improve over time. The Vantage platform will prune out one if it’s noticeably underperforming the other – so that you don’t waste money.

Great brands are already generating huge sales with Vantage Smart Campaigns for Instagram. Join them today by contacting CustomerSuccess@gotVantage.com

  • Simple set-up takes minutes. Instantly monitor, forecast and benchmark business and advertising KPIs in real-time.
  • Instagram and Facebook campaigns can be run quickly, easily, and automatically. No developer work required.
  • Best performing ads, bids, budgets, placements, channels are optimized automatically. Dramatically reduce cost per visit.
  • Trusted by over 11,000 brands and retailers in 104 countries around the world and recognized as a Top Analytics Solution by Retail CIO Outlook (2016).


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Running A Successful Online Retailer

Running a successful online retailer has gotten exponentially more complex with the advent of the many new models for sales, customer engagement, product development, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Vantage is a “command-and-control center” for small and medium-sized online businesses. We take data from the retailer and all of the services that it uses, and we analyze it so that we can anonymously compare the results with the thousands of other retailers using Vantage. We benchmark based on size, geography, product-type, and the age of the store to understand how each retailer is doing and where improvements can be made.

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to see trends and patterns in the data. This allows Vantage to give advice and to help optimize aspects of each business, sometimes actually taking actions on behalf of the retailer.

Vantage has proven our model by building an incredibly successful Facebook advertising module. On average, our data-driven ad campaigns are twice as effective as those run by our competitors.

And we’re just getting started. This is one of over 50 modules that will be built, bought, or partnered with as we scale a marketplace of tools that can be intelligently commanded and controlled by Vantage.

I had a chance to talk with Saul Colt and Bob Knorpp on this week’s edition of “The Hubba-ub” – The podcast from Hubba, the place for retailers to find information on products they care about and discover new stuff to love from the world’s most interesting brands.

Check it out on iTunes here or listen to this episode directly here:
Saul Colt & Bob Knorpp

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A World of Programmers


Technology is everywhere. Just about every part of our daily lives is influenced by one piece of technology, or another. From our mobile phones, to our televisions, and even some of our shoes, technology is changing the way we interact with the world. The power behind all of this, is the software running it; the nearly-endless stream of 1s and 0s, that somehow come together perform a coherent task.

With technology growing, and infiltrating markets like never before, the demand for software developers is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, there is perception that only those with years of education can develop software, while the truth is far from it. With the rise of better tools, widespread resources, bigger communities, and newer programming languages, the barrier to entry has dropped exponentially over the last decade.

Community-driven programs, aiming to teach programming to those with a yearning for knowledge, are popping up in countries all over the world. An excellent example of some such organizations are Ladies Learning Code, and the TD Securities Computer Literacy Centre.

  • Ladies Learning Code is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to be the leading resource for women and youth to become passionate builders of technology. They offer volunteer-run workshops for various tech-based topics, including programming.
  • The TD Securities Computer Literacy Centre offers programs for both adults and children, from the basics of how to operate a computer, to programming your own video game. The programming course offered here is aimed towards kids, grades 6-8, living in a lower-income area of Toronto, whose schools don’t necessarily have the budget to offer such courses.

It is very important, and infinitely rewarding, for professionals to set aside some time and give back to the community. As programmers, we often take for granted how far we’ve come, and the resources we have available to us. There is a very particular sense of accomplishment and happiness, when a new student comprehends such concepts as “code blocks” or “loops”, for the very first time. Such concepts, that have been ingrained into our way of thinking, for a very long time.

Community-driven workshops such as these, are excellent ways to share our knowledge with others, but also something far more important.

Our passion.


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Big News From Vantage

It’s been an incredible week!

Vantage has been named one of the Top 10 Retail Analytics Solutions of 2016 by Retail CIO Outlook.

Amazingly, Vantage is now the most popular dashboard, forecasting and marketing automation platform across Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce – used by thousands of brands and retailers in 99 countries around the world.

And we’ve also launched some new capabilities to help you grow your store.
Retail Analytics highres logo

Vantage now offers up to eight types of Facebook campaigns, each automated and optimized for your store if you wish:

NEW Dynamic Product Ads are a powerful tool for stores of all sizes. Even if you only need to have 20 unique visitors in a week, this will be an amazing way to drive people back to your store.

For others (such as Top Customers) you might need up to 1000 orders for us to be able to target them in Facebook.

The most common types of campaigns we can help you run are:

  • Dynamic Product Ads show recent visitors exactly the products that they looked at, but didn’t buy.
  • Ads targeting Top Customers
  • Ads targeting Abandoned Carts
  • Ads targeting Customers Ready to Repeat
  • Ads targeting All Website Visitors
  • Ads targeting Facebook Page Likes
  • Ads targeting an Email list that you might upload, or
  • a highly segmented list of your customers. You can use Vantage Explore to create very specific target audiences (for example: women, living in Tampa, that are above average customers, but who haven’t purchased in the past month).

We have more big news is coming very very soon – in the meantime, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you. We thank you for your business!

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