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Advanced Instagram Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Followers

Today, Instagram has more than 600 million users. 400 million of those people are active on the platform daily. Collectively, they share more than 95 million photos, videos, and stories. While other social media platforms are cluttered by ecommerce stores fighting for space, Instagram marketing is still “up and coming” in the tech world, which makes it an attractive platform for companies looking to carve out a niche and get noticed.

That said, Instagram isn’t an empty playing field. The visual platform has more than 8 million registered businesses and upwards of 1 million monthly advertisers, which has skyrocketed from the 200,000 using the platform last year.

With these stats in mind, it’s clear that, if you want to use Instagram successfully, you need to take an advanced approach.

6 Pro-Level Instagram Marketing Tricks to Get More Followers

Looking to become a Jedi in the world of Instagram? Here’s the path you must follow:

1. Determine Your Content Strategy

No matter how much you want it to be, Instagram isn’t random. The company released an algorithm update recently that started sorting content by metrics rather than chronologically, and visual material moves fast.

As such, it’s essential to go in with a defined content strategy. Who are you trying to target? What is your content doing? How will you advertise products or goods? Determine all of this beforehand so you don’t wallow once you get there.

2. Use Hashtags Strategically

There’s no way to enjoy Instagram marketing domination without using hashtags the right way. After all, Instagram is a platform for engagement, and studies have shown that posts with hashtags earn an average of 55% more engagement. What’s more, more than 75% of social media users take advantage of hashtags, so ignoring them is a great way to get left behind.

To use hashtags correctly, be sure you’re utilizing trending hashtags (use Instagram’s “discover” feature to find these) and changing your hashtag game from post to post. This increases engagement and prevents your followers from getting bored. We recommend putting the hashtags into a comment on your post, so not to take away from your witty caption.

3. Leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content is a huge boom in the world of Instagram marketing. In addition to the fact that it takes the burden of content creation off of you and your team, user-generated content also inspires trust in your followers and showcases your products in the real world.

Take a look at how Dollar Shave Club does this on their Instagram page:

dollar shave club instagram marketing


4. Repurpose Content from Other Relevant Accounts

Creating content for Instagram takes a long time, and it can be exhausting. Save yourself some effort and time by repurposing content from other relevant Instagram accounts. Simply share the material to your own page and add an original comment or insight while @ mentioning the account who originated the content. It’s a great way to beef up your Instagram interaction without breaking your back in the process. This is a great Instagram marketing hack to try out.

Bonus! It will also open up opportunities for you to collaborate with these accounts (influencers or businesses) that complement your brand. Find out how to nab the attention of sought after influencers, here.


5. Use Images with the Correct Size and Resolution

playdoh instagram

Quality is everything when it comes to Instagram and Instagram marketing. After all, no brand ever went viral due to a fuzzy picture with an awful filter.

If you’re posting images to Instagram’s web app, they should be 640px images displayed in a 600 x 600px box. If you want the best quality, though, start with images that are at least 1080px. While the image will be compressed on upload, it will look sharper than lower-res images.

A great and unexpectedly fantastic example is Playdoh who has a truly awesome Instagram marketing presence! (picture above)

6. Plan Posts in Advance

Planning posts in advance is a great way to populate your Instagram profile without losing your mind in the process. Sit down with your content calendar and develop a plan for your Instagram marketing strategy. Once you’ve got them mapped out, use a tool like Planoly to post them. Tell a story through your posts that is sure to capture attention of anyone who finds themselves on your account.

Get Insta-Famous This Year

If you want to boost your Instagram following, taking a professional approach is key. Not only will it improve your results, but it will cut down on false starts and unnecessary spending from the get-go.

Simple things, like increasing your rates of user-generated content, utilizing hashtags effectively, and planning your posts in advance are all smart ways to grow your Instagram presence, boost your ROI, and enjoy more positive results.

After all, ain’t nobody got time to mess around with Instagram tactics that won’t convert into brand love and sales.

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  • LOVE your Kimmy GIF in particular. Sweet post.

    Great point about user-generated content – particularly useful for companies selling physical products. Seeing someone you identify yourself with using/wearing/whatever-ing a company’s products serves as powerful social proof that can incentivize purchases via new customers.

    And I’ll check out Planoly – hadn’t heard of it!