Vantage is the leader in helping vendors and retailers turn data into insight and action online!

Monitor The Pulse Of Your Store

With over 100 metrics available, customize your dashboard to meet your needs. Leave Vantage open and monitor the operations of your store in real time!

Deep Insight

Click on a metric box to dive deeper into the data. View a chart or graph to gain insight you can share with your colleagues and drive your business forward!

Data. Insight. Action.

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Actionable Advice From Your Data

Losing sales due to out of stock inventory or carrying too many non-performing SKUs? Vantage analyzes trends in your data to recognize opportunities of improvement. Your dashboard will help you react to trends, forecast and plan for the future.

Take Action With A Single Click

Vantage can help you build and optimize Facebook and Email campaigns. The Campaign Wizard will show you the exact plan, which includes recommended duration, audience size, the actual ad copy and images to run and the total budget. All you have to do is click the big green button and Vantage will take care of the rest.


Start growing your revenue with data!

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