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Ecommerce Ads That Convert Into Sales
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Smart Campaigns are for Smart Marketers

Vantage Smart Campaigns give you the power to grow your business in just a few steps. Create beautiful Facebook and Instagram ads in minutes and use our pre-built audiences to attract new visitors, drive repeat purchases, upsell your existing customers and capture abandoned carts. With an average 10X return on ad spend, we are one of the leading Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

Targeted Audiences Built to Buy

Using your ecommerce data, Vantage creates highly-targeted audiences based on behavior, interests, and previous sales. We help you focus on the customers that are most likely to buy - and not waste money advertising to the wrong people.

We provide both prospecting and retargeting audiences to assist you in bringing in new customers and re-engaging past ones.

Available Audiences, Powered by Your Data

Vantage offers the following prospecting and retargeting audiences to help your business attract new customers, and bring past visitors back to your store in an effort to convert them into customers.
  • Top Customer Lookalike: Target audiences similar to your best customers to drive new traffic.
  • Website Visitor Lookalike: Target audiences similar to your website visitors to drive new traffic.
  • Targeted Audience: Target audiences based on demographics, interests and behaviors online.
  • Friends of Page Likes: Target friends of people who Liked your Facebook page
  • Around Me: Target Facebook users in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Dynamic Product: Create a carousel ad that shows potential customers products they have already viewed, but not purchased.
  • Website Visitors: Target anybody who’s visited your website, regardless of where they bounced.
  • Upload List: Upload a .csv or .txt file of at least 500 customers with email addresses and we’ll target them.
  • Abandoned Carts: Target all of the customers who left the site before they finished making a purchase.
  • Top Customers: Bring your best customers back to your store.
  • Ready Customers: Bring back past customers who we think are likely to make another purchase.

Running both Smart Campaign types simultaneously will fuel your sales funnel from start to finish. Together the campaigns will work to continually bring in new business, while at the same time persuade all those who’ve already been to your store to come back and make a purchase.

Prospecting and Retargeting in Sync

Vantage Prospecting and Retargeting

Automatic Ad Optimization

Vantage customers don't spend money on bad ads

With Vantage your ads are improved automatically! The platform auto-optimizes out the bad ads and re-allocates the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels for optimal performance.

We optimize your ads every hour to ensure you're not wasting money on bad ads. Think of the time and money you’ll save only running ads that are performing.

Ad Creation Made Easy

Build advertising campaigns in a matter of minutes using our easy drag-and-drop campaign editor. The campaign editor provides you with an advertising plan based on the selected audience including recommended duration, audience size, ad copy, images to run, and the total budget.

Vantage Advertising Campaign Editor

Experiment with A/B Testing

Which images lead to higher click through rates? What headlines are most effective? Do specific call to actions drive more sales? Answer all these questions and more with a few clicks in Vantage.

It has never been easier to find out what works and what doesn't. Launch A/B tests with Vantage to uncover which ads sold the most items and acquired the most new customers.
Vantage NBA Facebook Ad 4 Vantage NBA Facebook Ad 3 Vantage NBA Facebook Ad 2 Vantage NBA Facebook Ad

Stack Your Sales Funnel

Looking for a recurring revenue source you can count on? The Vantage Stack is a self-reinforcing series of Smart Campaigns that touch customers with ads at every step along the customer journey.

Through a set of strategic campaign recommendations the Vantage Stack assists you in bringing in new customers and driving them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers.

Automating your sales funnel using the Vantage Stack will help you:

  1. ATTRACT new customers through prospecting campaigns based on characteristics of your best customers, most common visitors and even other stores that look like you
  2. CONVERT shoppers into buyers by retargeting visitors that viewed your store or looked at products, but didn't quite close the deal. No more abandoners!
  3. RE-ENGAGE retain your best customers, remind them why they love your brand and encourage them to come back by showing them new products or customer favorites.
Take control of your customers' journey with the Vantage Stack! We are currently seeing average 12X return on ad spend - what are you waiting for?
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