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Commerce Powered by Data Makes Your Business Unstoppable

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Vantage Technology

Our technology stack is designed to help you understand your customers and anticipate their needs by using retailer and shopper intent data to create a holistic view of the shopper at scale. By continually monitoring shopping behavior like previously viewed and purchased products, sites visited and carts abandoned, our technology uses this key data and insight to drive a continual source of recurring revenue for your business.

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Predictive Analytics
Built to Scale

Seamless Integration in Minutes

Simple integration saves valuable time and money, and gives you and your partners the insight to grow your business effectively.

Delivers Personalized Shopping Experiences at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Using massive amounts of shopper data, Vantage can unearth the customers most likely to buy from your ecommerce store and design a personalized, automated advertising experience across Facebook and Instagram mapped to each stage of the customer journey.


new customers through prospecting campaigns based on characteristics of your best customers, most common visitors and even other stores that look like you.

shoppers into buyers by retargeting visitors that viewed your store, looked at products, or abandoned a cart.

your best customers, remind them why they love you and encourage repeat purchases with retargeting campaigns that display new products, promotions, or customer favorites.

We approach our full-funnel campaign planning with data-driven strategies designed around your audiences’ actual shopping behavior.

Make Your Data Work For You

Through the power of AI and machine learning we can use your data to build and automate:

  • Audiences
    Build highly-targeted audiences based on customer interest, behavior, and purchase data that update in real-time as customer behavior changes.

  • Budget Recommendations
    Provide strategic budget recommendations based on audience size to make sure you reach your entire audience while not over or under spending.

  • Assemble Creative Tests
    Test images, copy, discounts, calls-to-action, and more to determine the most successful combinations and uncover what drives your customers’ purchasing decisions.

  • Optimize
    Optimize campaigns based on the best performing channels, placements, audiences, budgets, and ad creative, all in real-time to ensure you’re never wasting money on underperforming ads.

  • Measure and Report
    In addition to metrics like reach, impressions, and clicks, you can track the total return on your ads to guide your spending. Receive detailed reporting at the ad-level that shows which ads made the most sales and how many customers you’ve acquired.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Vantage believes decisions should always be backed by data. For that reason, both retailers and brands will receive influential data and insights to influence strategic business decisions.

Some of the key insights you will be delivered include:

Campaign Insights
  • Return on Ad Spend
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Best Performing Images, Copy and Claims
  • Best Performing Discounts
Shopping Insights / Product Associations
  • Order in which key product(s) were most commonly added to cart
  • Products most commonly co-shopped and co-purchased with key product(s)
  • Products most commonly replaced by the key product(s)
  • Products most commonly added to cart before and after key product(s)
Pricing Insights
  • Discount applied vs. incremental lift in average order value
  • Discounts applied (% of sales discounted vs. key competitors)
  • Shipping charges as a percentage of revenue
  • Most effective discount segmented by audience
Product Shopper Insights
  • Demographic Insights
  • Frequency of Visits and Purchases
  • Average Size of Basket
  • Commonly Shopped Categories
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