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How to Leverage Your Store’s Data to Help Find Customers

Your ecommerce store is a treasure trove of data that holds all of the key information needed to attract new customers. In order to gain insight into what your customers and audiences are looking for, leveraging your data is essential. You may be wondering the best way to access and convert your data into meaningful insights. That’s where we come in!

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Data Informed Audiences

When targeting potential customers, you may think that you know who your ideal customer base is, but your data may suggest otherwise. Vantage designed our Smart Campaigns to help integrate your advertising targeting to your data. We connect directly to your store’s platform to analyze your data and calculate key metrics. From there using your store’s data, our platform develops customized advertising audiences for Facebook and Instagram of potential and current customers that have the highest propensity to visit /re-visit/purchase. We provide custom audiences for both prospecting and remarketing to assist your store in bringing in new customers while at the same time re-engaging past ones. Our platform takes the guesswork out of determining who your target audiences are, and ensures that data drives the development of your targeted audiences.

Data-Driven Audiences = Better Results

Vantage’s targeted audiences are designed to only include customers most likely to buy. No one customer will be in multiple audiences, as we map each customer to the audience that reflects their stage in the sales funnel. As mentioned, we offer prospecting campaigns to help your business attract new customers, and retargeting campaigns to bring past visitors back to your store in an effort to convert them into customers. The following are the audiences offered by Vantage for you to build Smart Campaigns with:





  • Top Customer Lookalike: Target audiences similar to your best customers to drive new traffic.
  • Dynamic Product: Create a carousel ad that shows potential customers products they have already viewed, but not purchased.
  • Website Visitor Lookalike: Target audiences similar to your website visitors to drive new traffic.
  • Website Visitors: Target anybody who’s visited your website, regardless of where they bounced.
  • Targeted Audience: Target audiences based on demographics, interests and behaviours online.
  • Upload List: Upload a .csv or .txt file of at least 500 customers with email addresses and we’ll target them.
  • Friends of Page Likes: Target friends of people who Liked your Facebook page.
  • Abandoned Carts: Target all of the customers who left the site before they finished making a purchase.
  • Around Me: Target Facebook users in the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Top Customers: Bring your best customers back to your store.
  • Ready Customers: Bring back past customers who we think are likely to make another purchase.

Running both Smart Campaign types will fuel your sales funnel from start to purchase. We are the only platform in the industry that works continuously to bring in new business while at the same time persuading those who have already been to your store to come back and make a purchase.

Behind the Scenes

One of the most time-consuming aspects of advertising is constantly optimizing your campaigns to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts. Again we are putting your data to work by using predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize out bad ads and re-allocate the budget to the best ads, placement, and channels for optimal performance. The idea is to let the computers do what they’re good at, and let you focus on the real work, and actually, still have optimized campaigns generating you revenue.

Play with The Data

If you want a hand in the experimentation of your Facebook and Instagram ads our platform allows you to create thousands of variants of your ads with just a few clicks. Simply select the available product images from your store, or upload custom images and drag-and-drop copy onto each variation of the ad. It has never been easier to complete multivariate tests to uncover what drives your customers purchasing decisions.

Our Pièce De Résistance

Perhaps our greatest offering is the Vantage Stack, a self-reinforcing bunch of 5 highly efficient campaigns that touch customers with ads at every step along the customer journey. The campaigns bring in new customers and logically and methodically drive them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers.

The 5 ad campaigns that make up the Vantage Stack include:

  1. Find New Customers: Target new customers based on characteristics of your best customers.
  2. Get Visitors Back: Retarget visitors that viewed the store, but didn’t look at products or add anything to the cart in order to bring them back.
  3. Close the Sale: Utilize dynamic product ads (DPA) to retarget anyone who viewed a product or added it to a cart, but did not purchase.
  4. Recover Abandoners: Deliver ads to people who got partway through the checkout process, but didn’t finish it.
  5. Retain Customers: Remind your best customers about your brand and encourage them to come back by showing them new products or customer favorites.

The structure of the Vantage Stack means you don’t waste money on bad ads or audiences, and we drive a higher ROI while continually growing your store’s customer base.

Discovering and converting new customers has never been easier thanks to Vantage! We’re committed to helping store owners identify business opportunities and grow revenue in an easy and data-driven way. Stop the guesswork, and let Vantage work our magic to deliver your data-driven advertising campaigns.

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