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The Days of Slot Machines are Over

A good friend, someone that really knows the online ad industry, called me the other day to tell me that he had an epiphany:

“For most people, advertising online is like playing the slots. Something magical could happen, but it’s really unlikely. They throw dollar after dollar into a machine and occasionally get “rewarded” with a couple of shiny quarters… and emotionally that feels good, but it’s not any kind of a meaningful reward.”

He told me, “Some folks can afford to not get a return because they’re getting the chance to pretend that they’re in the game. But they’re not in the game. They’re being gamed.”

While that’s a lot to digest, he’s not entirely wrong. Time and time again when I meet with new customers and ask what their current Return On Ad Spend is, I’m met with blank stares. Here’s what’s different about Vantage:

Here’s what’s different about Vantage:

We’re here to have an honest dialogue about topics like transparency, metrics, and return. We are taking a logical, data-driven approach to helping our clients grow. The Vantage platform automatically analyzes ecommerce data, generates insight and builds sophisticated prospecting and retargeting campaigns that test hundreds of versions of ads to discover the most effective creative and copy. We connect directly to any website or ecommerce store platform including Demandware, Hybris, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, or BigCommerce to analyze your data and calculate key metrics. All of your data will be in one place, up to date, and easily accessible.

“The Vantage Stack”
a growth structure of ad campaigns built for growth-oriented clients.

It’s a self-reinforcing bundle of 5 campaigns bringing in new customers while logically and methodically driving them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers. The structure of the campaigns in The Stack means our clients don’t waste money on bad ads or underperforming audiences. We drive a higher ROI while still consistently growing the store’s customer base.

What Does It Consist Of?

The 5 ad campaigns that make up the Vantage Stack include:

  1. Find New Customers: Target new customers based on characteristics of your best customers.
  2. Get Visitors Back: Retarget visitors that viewed the store, but didn’t look at products or add anything to the cart in order to bring them back.
  3. Close the Sale: Utilize dynamic product ads (DPA) to retarget anyone who viewed a product or added it to a cart, but did not purchase.
  4. Recover Abandoners: Deliver ads to people who got partway through the checkout process, but didn’t finish it.

We are currently seeing an average of 12x return on ad spend.

Vantage will take a minimum budget and allocate it into these campaigns to significantly increase the size of your visitor audience and your revenue. You can help manage things or we can build and optimize the budget and spend for you automatically!

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