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We Asked BigCommerce Store Owners: What Marketing Tactics Help You Grow Your Business the Most?

We can write a dozen blogs telling you how BigCommerce store owners or other ecommerce stores can improve your ad creative, promote ecommerce growth, reduce abandoned cart rate, and make a big difference in their inbound strategy, but it only does so much at the end of the day. At some point, it’s helpful to see how other real-life BigCommerce stores, just like yours, have improved their marketing through creative strategies. We sought out some prominent BigCommerce stores to relay their advice and wisdom about their experience in the realm of ecommerce.

bigcommerce store owners marketing growth

With this in mind, we reached out to several BigCommerce business owners and asked them:

BigCommerce store owners, what marketing tactic has had the greatest impact on your business?


Kim Jacobs, The Stray Whisker

“Reaching out to true influencers who can write about your service and products in their blogs and social media accounts, and contributing to other blogs. There’s no substitute for an authentic third-party tie-in. Keep your integrity, and become a respected part of something bigger. Also, don’t be afraid to engage with other businesses. Back-links are good for your website, and if you prosper, so will they.”

Doug Root, Atlanta Light Bulbs


“At AtlantaLightBulbs.com, one of our top priorities is ensuring that we remain relevant to our repeat B2B customers, and we work really hard to do so. That said, we have instituted some interesting customer management email marketing campaigns that have proved quite successful. These campaigns are triggered based on items bought/not bought, days since last purchase, etc. By instituting these campaigns and other online remarketing efforts, we’ve done a tremendous job in growing repeat buyers.”

We also asked Doug about one big change he made to his ecommerce store, and how it impacted growth. Here’s what he said:

“One of the coolest changes we made was implement three additional buying options, which add flexibility to the way the customer makes a purchase. Now, our buyers can make an offer on the item they want to buy through a virtual online negotiation system that will either accept or counter the offer. Our exit intent offer acts as a final attempt to close the deal when the potential buyer is exiting the site. And finally, we’ve implemented another app that allows potential buyers to request a quote online – we adjust pricing according to the quantities asked for and then send back a quote via email with a personalized dynamic coupon code, which allows the customer to make their purchase at the specific quoted level we gave them.”



Josh Gordon, StoreYourBoard


“It may not be marketing in the most traditional sense, but our best marketing tactic has always been lots of great content. It comes in many forms – informative articles, blog pages, detailed product descriptions, customers reviews, custom photos, and more. But we have never stopped creating useful content for our customers since day 1, and that’s how customers found us and why they stay with us. “



Jon Paulsen, Human Solution


“There hasn’t been a single marketing tactic that has propelled our growth – it’s truly been a combination of programs that feed into one another. No single approach can reach the right customers, but each element – a user-friendly website, search-engine optimization, customer service, search engine marketing, social media, public relations, retail, etc… – feeds into all others. When thinking about marketing, you’re thinking about developing an ecosystem where customers can find you when they’re looking for you, and discover you even if they aren’t specifically looking for you but would be interested in your products. And, of course, taking care of people once they’ve become customers is critical to any success we’ve had.”


Shari Lott, SpearmintLOVE


“One of the most significant marketing tactics we implemented that has made a tremendous impact for our business is using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.  Dynamic ads personalize product promotion based on their behaviors both on and off of our site. In business since 2013, we began advertising SpearmintLOVE on Facebook 18 months ago and were quick to adopt dynamic ads.  The shift in ad targeting has produced incredible results that have contributed greatly to our success. Today, approx. 40% of our total yearly ad spending is using dynamic advertising.”


Let’s turn it to you! What’s the marketing tactic that’s had the greatest impact on your ecommerce brand? Share with us in the comments below.

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