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How to Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy That Converts Into Sales

It may be tempting to think that all you need for a successful social ad is a high-res, beautiful photo because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? However, as we all know, it takes two to make a thing go right and copy just so happens to be that other thing. For those of us not #blessed with the gift of gab, creating copy that’s both informative, compelling and a little bit cheeky can be a tricky task.

But hey, we’re here to help. Let’s go over a few handy tips and tricks you can use in creating effective copy that will capture attention, provoke engagement and delight shoppers.

Solve Problems with Your Copy

Some of the most effective ads are the ones that solve a problem for a potential (or even existing) customer. For instance, a sponsored ad for Edgar, the social scheduling tool, asks viewers, “How much time do you spend struggling to come up with brand new content for social media week in and week out?” and has a caption that explains “Meet the only social media tool that automatically fills up Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for you.” This ad will appeal to every social media marketer out there because it offers to solve a common problem: brainstorming ideas for posts (harder than it sounds).

Personalized Copy Will Attract More Attention

The more personal and tailored the ad feels, the more it will resonate with who you’re trying to target. If you haven’t built buyer personas for your business, it’s an incredibly smart move. Crafting and building personas is exactly what it sounds like. Think of 3-4 personalities you’d like to target. Age range, the tone they’d best respond to, imagery, location, demographic etc. Then, when you’re developing your copy try to keep a personality in mind to match your copy. If you write in a style that matches the personality of those you’re trying to attract, it’s likely you’ll garner much more attention! 

Think ‘Short and Sweet’ Versus “I’m Gonna Cram in Every Piece of Information Possible”

Yes, you’ve paid for your Facebook ad and want to get the most value from it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean overloading it with information is the best idea. Remember the adage less is more. To be effective, an ad should be short, clear, to the point, and use simple language. Here’s what your copy must tell the viewer:

  • What you’re offering
  • How it can help/solve a problem or why you’d want it
  • What to do now

Heal, as we’ve displayed above, used this copy in one of their Facebook ads, “Discover a better way to see the doctor. On-demand and on-your-schedule. Try heal today.” Then they included a Book Now call to action button in the ad. In just 16 words, the copy tells you what they offer, how it benefits you, and what to do next. They’ve succeeded in being concise and effective. 

Tell Your Customers What to Do

Remember earlier when we said you have to tell your customers what to do next? That’s where your call to action (CTA) comes in. Your CTA is essential, but let’s look at why: Club W (before they rebranded as Winc) ran a Facebook ad that exclaimed, “$20 and Complimentary Shipping” Great! Sold! Where do I sign up? No really, where do I sign up? It’s important to pay attention to your CTA and even switch it up. You’d be surprised how switching from ‘Learn More’ to ‘Shop Now’ can impact the performance of an advertising campaign!

Writing great copy is essential for your Facebook ads because it complements your awesome image and tells viewers everything they need to know. While images are integral in your ads, the copy is where you really have the opportunity to hook and connect with targets.  


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