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How to NOT Train Your Customers

Do you send an email to your customers when you’re having a sale?

Most retailers do. In fact, that may be the ONLY time retailers send emails. Do you ever notice larger retailers like the Gap or Banana Republic send you online flyers once or twice a year to come in for their 40% off sale? Do you ever hear from them again for the rest of the year? Probably not. Even if you do, it’s probably about another sale!

This is bad bahaviour as you are essentially training your customers to wait for sales and not shop at regular price or at any other time.

You need to send emails on a more consistent basis so that your customers can see your newest products and what’s happening at your store throughout the year. Moreover, not all your customers are the same, and so they need different messages at different times.

We get it though, you’re not a marketing email wizard and don’t have the time to put together punchy copy let alone analyzing customer data. Furthermore, there’s the issue of figuring out who to send an email to and at what times so it is relevant.

Not only do we take care of Facebook advertising, but we also are email experts, we currently have email recommendations for Cart Abandonment Rate and Repeat Customer Rate.

Cart Abandonment 

This list consists of a pool of customers who have abandoned your checkout process. We analyze the list for customers that are in the right prime to come back and finish their purchase. We send an email to these individuals urging them to come back and complete their purchase.

Repeat Customer Rate

This list consists of a pool of customers who are likely to come back and make another purchase. We create an email campaign that shows them your top selling, or most popular products along with accompanying copy.

Email Campaign example (screenshot)

Seriously, with a single click of a mouse button, we will build your audience list, and generate appropriate copy with images to send to your customer base. All you have to do is view the campaign details and click to Start the Campaign.

There are various other types of lists that can be generated based on your specific store needs. You may want to target your top 10% of customers only as they generate the most revenue for you, or you may want to target women only in a certain geographic area, these are all possibilities. These specific lists can be put together in our Explore functionality.

It’s important to segment your customers based on their specific buying habits so that messages that you send become a lot more relevant throughout the year. Don’t just send your customers a sale postcard every November about Black Friday. They will only come see you at that time, and not the rest of the year.

Tell us, do you send out emails to your customers? How many times a year? Do you send them non-sales related emails? Let us know in the comments section.

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