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How Images Can Negatively Impact Your Facebook Ads

It’s a no-brainer that your social media content – especially Facebook ads should contain photos. As an ecommerce store, you want to showcase a variety of your products to entice potential customers and remind previous customers how awesome your products are. What you may not realize is that your photos may be turning potential customers away. Not all photos are created equal and low-resolution, non-sensical or busy images on your social channels and ads may, in fact, be turning your customer base away. Let’s recount some of the biggest visual sins you can commit and how to avoid them!

Creating Quality Facebook Ads with High-Quality Images

1. Didn’t I Just See This Stock Model on Another Site?

Frugality is a virtue, but when you use a free photo that you find on Google or from a popular free stock photo site you risk showcasing an image that’s already wildly popular on other social accounts selling products similar to your own. It’s almost impossible to overestimate the importance of authenticity to the modern consumer. Millennials value authenticity in a brand second only to loyalty discounts, which means that you must use images that truly reflect who you are. To combat this, it’s important to have lots of high-res, relevant product photos to showcase your offerings. This way your photos are always authentic and beautifully showcase your products. Here’s a fantastic cheat sheet on amazing, high quality and best of all free stock photos. 

2. Relevance is King

poor quality facebooks ads

When choosing the imagery for your ads and social posts you want to ensure that you’re only using relevant images. Though you may be tempted to put something quirky and off-beat as something fun, resist the urge. Choose your latest images that show your best and newest products. We don’t doubt that you’ve found your share of funny stock photos that will catch the eye of people browsing Facebook but you want to appear legitimate and serious. Stay relevant!

3. It’s Good Enough, Right?

poor quality facebook ads i

You should never settle when choosing the images you put in your Facebook ads. You’re putting your hard earned money into these as well as your company’s reputation. When you choose second tier or non-relevant photos for your ads you’re putting out the impression that you’re not a detail-oriented brand committed to excellence. So take the extra time to ensure you’ve chosen the highest quality, relevant photos to get customers to your ecommerce store and moving product! 


4. Shiny Happy People

People respond well to pictures of people. This is an important consideration when you’re putting together your arsenal of images for advertising purposes. Consider instead of having a picture solely showing your shirt, have a man, woman or child model the t-shirt. Show them in a fun situation or whatever scenario you believe will be appealing to your target audience. 

5. One Size Does Not Fit All

vantage facebook ads

When creating your Facebook ads it’s incredibly important to pay attention to image size. As you can see in the image we’ve displayed above, the image on the left shows a perfectly fitting image that fills the space and looks great. On the right is a poorly auto-sized image that looks as though the person rushed to get this ad together resulting in an unprofessional result. To ensure that your ads are the proper size and lookin’ good, check out Buffer’s Facebook ad size guide, here.


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