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Vantage Stack | Stack the Ads in Your Favor

Ever feel like your Facebook ads are working against you and not with you? Ad fatigue is alive and well with the average Facebook ad frequency sitting at a 13.8 times/day. It’s more important than ever to personalize your ads based on how your customers engage with your store, which is why it’s time for you to start stacking the ads in your favor.

The Vantage Stack is a self-reinforcing series of highly efficient, automated campaigns that touch customers with ads at every step along the customer journey. Much like the ever popular email drip campaign, the Vantage Stack is designed to bring in new customers and logically drive them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers.

So how does this all create a funnel? Glad you asked! Below we’ve depicted how the various campaigns that comprise the Vantage Stack work together to create a seamless funnel resulting in your end goal: driving sales! For the best results in driving sales and return on ad spend, we recommend running campaigns that map to each stage of the sales funnel to give a comprehensive approach to your Facebook and Instagram marketing game.

Stages of the Sales Funnel

There are 3 main stages to every sales funnel: Attract, Convert and Re-Engage. To run a successful advertising strategy you must have ads dedicated to engaging customers at each stage of the funnel. The Vantage Stack was designed to do exactly that to ensure your customers are always seeing the right message, at the right time along their customer journey. Below we will outline each stage and the campaigns required to effectively market your sales funnel.


The Attract portion of the funnel is entirely focused on finding new customers and consists of prospecting campaigns. Prospecting is almost exactly what it sounds like. Instead of literally digging for mineral (or gold) deposits these types of campaigns mine for a different type of gold – new customers. We provide a variety of prospecting campaigns all designed to help you drive new traffic. The prospecting campaigns available to choose from as part of the Vantage Stack campaigns include:

  1. TOP CUSTOMER LOOKALIKE: Target audiences similar to your best customers to drive new traffic
  2. WEBSITE VISITOR LOOKALIKE: Target audiences similar to your website visitors to drive new traffic
  3. TARGETED AUDIENCE: Target audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors online
  4. AROUND ME: Target Facebook users in the surrounding neighborhood

Select any of these prospecting campaign types to start fueling your sales funnel with prospective shoppers.

As you can see showcased in one of our customers SLEEFS ads above, you want to use enticing copy that will encourage and interest potential shoppers in visiting your website. “Oh, 2 for $40? Maybe I’ll just see what styles they have!” This is the time to let your deals, sales, and offers shine. Be concise and to the point, but also fun. Especially in social media advertising people want fun, playful copy that will cut through the noise and catch their attention. Put concerted effort into thinking about the tone and voice your audience will respond best to and emulate that in the copy you write for your ads.

The Convert stage of the sales funnel is centered around bringing past visitors back to your store in an effort to convert them into customers. This stage consists of retargeting campaigns all designed to help you close the sale. Throughout the Convert stage we offer 3 retargeting campaign types that should be run simultaneously.

  1. WEBSITE VISITORS: Retarget visitors that viewed the store but didn’t look at products or add anything to the cart in order to bring them back. These ads aim to drive traffic back to the store so that people who have expressed interested in your business are encouraged to come on back.
  2. DYNAMIC PRODUCT: Utilize dynamic product ads (DPA) to retarget anyone who viewed a product or added it to a cart, but did not purchase. Sometimes people just need a gentle reminder of what they wanted to buy. Take for example the DockATot ad below, the carousel of images will dynamically populate with images from your store that people viewed or added to their cart without purchasing. DPA ads are incredibly important because they’re the most personalized. Because they provide such a tailored experience they tend to have an extremely high conversion rate.
  3. ABANDONED CARTS: Deliver ads to people who got partway through the checkout process, but didn’t finish it. The dreaded abandoned cart rate is something that every ecommerce business big or small frets over. How do you recover those pesky abandoners? They were SO close! That’s where this audience comes in. As mentioned earlier, sometimes people often just need a gentle nudge or reminder.

These 3 campaigns: Get Visitors Back, Close the Sale and Recover Abandoners are a triple threat in increasing sales from new customers. They work in conjunction to hit every stage of the sales funnel ensuring that you’re closing sales and hitting your targets.

Finally, you have the last stage of the sales funnel: Re-Engage. You know these people already love your products, you just need to keep your products top of their mind and serve them ads showcasing your best and newest products. The final campaigns in the Vantage Stack are all about customer retention and repeat business.

  1. TOP CUSTOMERS: Remind your best customers about your brand and encourage them to come back by showing them new products or customer favorites. For this audience, we definitely encourage using fun copy that is playful and will catch the eye of your former customers.
  2. READY CUSTOMERS: Bring back past customers who we think are likely to make another purchase based on your store’s customer recency.

Pro Tip: Viva la emoji! Sprinkle relevant emojis in your post-copy but remember – there can be too much of a good thing so don’t go emoji crazy. Emoji responsibly!

You shouldn’t focus solely on ads that bring in new customers, it’s equally as important to put time into your retention efforts. This final Vantage Stack campaign will definitely help boost that Repeat Customer Rate and assist in turning shoppers into loyal customers.

The mother-approved company famous for their lounging docks for babies, DockATot, joined forces with Vantage to drive brand awareness and sales for their ecommerce store.

Results: 57X Return on Ad Spend

We helped DockATot setup the Vantage Stack, and in just 10 months of running Facebook and Instagram campaigns, DockATot’s engagement levels jumped to 16% and for every $1 spent on advertising it generated $57 of revenue. After further refining the Vantage Stack through our platforms auto-optimization functionality some ads like the one below are seeing an astonishing 104.7X return on ad spend.

Get Started with the Vantage Stack

The Vantage Stack is now available to all customers at no additional cost. If you’d like to get started on the Vantage Stack please install Vantage if you haven’t done so already and/or login now!

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