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How to Make Your Instagram Followers Click ‘Buy’

It can be difficult to cut through the noise and connect with and obtai Instagram followers. The advent of Instagram shopping has launched a whole new avenue to sell your products. With this exciting channel on the rise for ecommerce entrepreneurs, how do you convince someone to stop scrolling their feed, notice your product and click ‘buy’? While it’s definitely not an easy task, it’s certainly not impossible! Let’s go over a few key tips to improve your chances of getting noticed and getting your Instagram followers to click ‘Buy’!

Well, 66% of Millennials shop online, as do 44% of Generation X, and many of these online shoppers have Instagram accounts.

We also know that Instagram is a highly active social media platform: A remarkable 75% of Instagram users take action, like visiting a website, after engaging with an ad, and top brands post almost 5 times a week on the platform.

Let’s review 4 of the best practices for getting your Instagram followers on the path to purchase:

1. Dedicated Content Strategy

What makes you want to click on an ad? Something that makes you think, “That could be me!” You want to get inside the mind of your target audience and help them see how your product or offering could fit into their life. Because Instagram is a predominately visual tool you really want to take advantage of that and demonstrate not only your brand’s unique tone but again, how your offering fits into your customer’s life.

Take for example AirBnb. Their Instagram is the stuff, “wish you were here” is made of. Their Instagram brand is so successful because they take their offering (rental homes around the world) and put you there. A cozy bedroom with funky wallpaper in Malaysia? A cozy nook in the Catskills? An Instagram-worthy pool in Palm Spring? Followers want to see these images because they can imagine themselves in the places and are then driven to click more and maybe even book that cozy nook in the Catskills. It’s important to make your Instagram presence something that people want to follow along, enjoying seeing on their feed and most importantly, engage with.

2.  Take Advantage of Instagram Advertising

It might surprise you how shockingly easy it is to run Instagram ads. Instagram, now owned by Facebook, has their advertising integrated with their Business Manager. So if you already have an existing Facebook account or use Business Manager – you’re halfway there! If you’re currently running Facebook ads, make sure to check out your ‘Placement’  options as depicted below. It can be as easy as having your current Facebook ads also running on Instagram as well. However, if you want to get really specific you can create whole other ad sets that are purely Instagram focused!

With tools like Vantage, integrating Instagram into the mix is a cinch. Conveniently streamline your advertising efforts by using a tool that simplifies how convoluted and complicated Facebook Business Manager can be. Easy as that!


vantage advertising dashboard


3. Encourage Participation and Engagement Creatively

lavazza coffee instagramlollapalooza instagram


One of the best ways to boost engagement and by extension, sales is encouraging your followers to engage. There are a variety of contests and engagement tactics you can use to bring in new customers and hopefully drive your followers to click ‘buy’.

Hashtags are essential when it comes to your Instagram engagement success. In general, it’s a great marketing and brand awareness tactic to encourage your followers to always tag their photos with your brand’s hashtag. This makes it easier for other fans to find your product, how other customers are using it and builds up the popularity of the hashtag in general. Plus, hashtags are how you’re found. Make sure to utilize popular and relevant hashtags to categorize your product and help potential customers find your page.

Looking to run a contest? Whether you want to give away an experience, a free item or even a gift card to your business, here are a few easy Instagram contest ideas we recommend you try:

  • Like to Win
    • Super simple, just prompt followers to ‘Like’ a specific post and choose someone after the deadline
  • Tag a Friend
    • Instruct your followers to tag a friend in your post, for example, if you’re an ecommerce business that sells workout gear you could have a caption that says, “Tag your favorite workout buddy in this post to win a free water bottle”
  • Caption Contest
    • Have your followers come up with a playful or witty caption to go alongside a photo of your choosing. This option has the potential to be very amusing!






4. Instagram Selling Tools

There are some incredible tools to assist you with visual shopping on Instagram. One, in particular, we’d like to showcase Have2Have.it. Once you sign up you can place a link in your store’s Instagram bio that allows users to click the link and basically see the same feed – except shoppable! It’s the perfect way to ensure your customers are on the path the purchase with the least amount of obstacles and most amount of exposure!

instagram followers marketing tool

Share with us and our fellow ecommerce readers some of your success stories for selling on Instagram!

Think you’re ready for some advanced Instagram marketing tactics? Check out our article on these proven marketing tips to boost your Instagram followers!


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