Orchestrate your retail media business

Connect and automate data, tools, workflows and teams to maximize operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.

We understand your challenges

Whether you’re running offsite, onsite, or in-store through self-serve and/or managed services, Vantage understands the complexity and challenges today’s retail and commerce media teams face with planning, executing, and optimizing their campaigns.

Manage your entire retail media business with a single platform

The Vantage platform is purpose-built to streamline and simplify the process through a Retail Media Orchestration Layer™ that connects your teams to the data and technology and automates the workflows so everyone from ad sales and media planning to creative assembly and financial reconciliation is working in concert for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how the Retail Media Orchestration Layer™ works for your business.

“Vantage established a foundation and jumping off point for our retail media business that simplified our workflow and drove real performance for our advertisers. It proved a model in which we could efficiently operate while still meeting the needs of our clients”

Drew Cashmore, 

Head of Omni-Channel Strategy and Operations Walmart Connect

Connect and control the data

Bring all your data sources together for a comprehensive view of your customer, driving accurate insights, informed media decisions and competitive measurement. 

Integrate Tools

Strengthen your retail media network with integrations into leading data, demand, measurement and other third-party platforms. Streamlined data flow and resources enhance campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Automate Workflows

Streamline operations with AI-powered, automated workflows, reducing manual tasks and minimizing errors. Enhance productivity and improve business agility with efficient process automation.

Unify Teams

Enable seamless collaboration and visibility across your organization by connecting teams with a unified platform. Break down silos between Commerce Media, Merchandising, Marketing and more. 

Integrate across the retail ecosystem

Vantage is purpose-built to seamlessly connect to the tech partners you choose to build a best-in-class stack

Trusted by today's forward-thinking commerce media teams

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The benefits of a unified platform

Reduce campaign-level costs >20%

Reduce campaign error-rate by ~60%

Direct net-revenue impact ~+7%

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